Reformed refers to a biblical and historical understanding of Christianity as expressed in the Protestant Reformation. Many claim that truth is relative and unknowable; however, we work from the conviction that the Bible is true, accessible, and God’s revelation of himself.  For this reason, we seek to reform every part of our life: including thoughts, words, and deeds by the unchanging Word of God.  As you interact with Christ, through the Bible, our hope is that you will love and embrace him as the truth. The possibility of knowing God intimately and eternally is achieved through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf. Jesus’ life and death accomplished for us what we could never do, restoring our relationship to God.


RUF aims to be a ministry for the campus, not simply a ministry on the campus. Our intention is to encourage your faith and calling as you understand the glory of God in Christ. We encourage you to engage in campus life and serve the university community. Our desire is to help you grow in seeing how you can glorify God in all you do, from friendships and study to work and worship. In other words, all of life becomes spiritual because of a relationship with Jesus. Therefore, we are called, in every area of life, to live under the lordship of Christ.


God created us for relationship and we long for connection. Yet we experience alienation from God and each other. We live in an individualistic culture, which is contrary to the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel is properly understood within a community of people who, although broken, long to trust and depend on one another. RUF cultivates community through our campus fellowship, which seeks to establish personal relationships through bible studies, service and mission projects, conferences, lunch discussions, road trips and one on one discipleship and counseling. The RUF community extends off campus and into the local church, which enables and embraces RUF. Through these avenues, we strive for a deeper understanding of the Bible, worship, prayer and the delight of fellowship.