• Genesis: The Gospel from the Beginning

    (from December 2011)

    One of my favorite movies growing up was The Sandlot, probably because my life as a boy revolved around baseball. If you haven't seen it you should, it's a story about a boy (Smalls) who moves to a new place with his mom and stepdad and is befriended by Benny the Jet, the best ballplayer in the neighborhood. Benny invites Smalls to play baseball with their group at the sandlot, and he teaches him how to play the game. One day, when they need a baseball and are about to have to quit playing because they don't have one, Smalls unknowingly offers up his dad's prized possession, an autographed Babe Ruth ball. He subsequently hits a homerun over the fence to where The Beast lives. The Beast is a legendary, almost mythically, large dog who they claim has killed and eaten several people (he turns out to be a lovable and friendly Saint Bernard). But after this very expensive ball is hit to The Beast, and after they stop Smalls from risking his life trying to recover the ball, he immediately wants to know all he can about The Beast.

    In the book of Genesis, a similar yet greater thing happens. The book of Genesis was written/spoken by Moses to the Israelites after God had sent the Ten Plagues to Egypt while protecting the Israelites, and after God had parted the Red Sea to deliver them out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery. After these mighty acts, the Israelites looked to Moses and asked what just happened? Or better, who just happened? Who is this God that caused the mighty Nile to turn to blood, the sun to be blocked out, and the Red Sea to part for us? They wanted to know who this God was that delivered them, who saved them.
    Moses then speaks to them and tells them the story of the Creator God, who created all things and declared them good, but then how their forefather Adam, as the head of all humanity sinned and was expelled from the Garden of Eden along with his wife Eve. But even in their disobedience and faithlessness, God was faithful to them, promising that one day, some day He would give them a Savior, the Son of a woman, that would crush the head of the serpent, delivering and saving them from the power of sin.
    This semester at RUF we will be looking at the story of Genesis, in our series Genesis: The Gospel from the Beginning, and how God, not man, is what the Bible is all about, and how he chose to save His people through a Man, a Man that would come many years later, Jesus, and how that is seen from the beginning with God choosing sinful men like Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob through which to love, care for, and bless his people that they might be a blessing.
    Join us this semester as we look at Genesis, the gospel from the beginning. We meet Wednesday nights at 8:30 in NURSING 1207 (new location). Hope to see you there!
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