• 5 Book Recommendations

    (from May 2013)

    Looking for something to read this summer? Do you have a list of your own but no idea where to start? Here are five really great books that are well worth your time. Pick one, or a few, and GATA!



    1. The Prodigal GodThis is the book that I most often recommend/give to people. It is amazing. The author (Tim Keller) says in the introduction that when he first heard the true meaning of the parable of the prodigal son, it opened his eyes to the true meaning of Christianity. If you haven't read this one you need to. If you have, you should read it again. Can't recommend this one highly enough.



    2. Knowing God. This is modern-day classic is easily accessible for people of all stages of life. It's a must read sometime in your life. Why not this summer?



    3. A Praying Life. Ever been frustrated with prayer? Felt like it's not "doing anything"? Does your mind constantly wander from praying for Aunt Susie to the next episodes of 24 to be released? Paul Miller has written an incredibly comforting, freeing, and inspiring book on this very important topic, saying that becoming a more mature Christian is becoming more dependent and childlike in your faith.

    heart of evangelism


    4. The Heart of Evangelism.  Jerram Barrs paints a beautiful picture of what evangelism is, how the Bible speaks of it, and how Jesus does it. Best book on evangelism I've read.



    5. The Jesus Storybook Bible.  Wanna know what the Bible is all about? Read this book. Wanna learn how to read the Bible correctly with Jesus in view? Read this book again. Wanna have the "eternity set on our hearts" set on Jesus? Read this book another time. A classmate from seminary told me that this book was the most helpful book he read during his time in seminary - I think he might be right.