• GeorgiaSouthern 3:1-7

    Last Wednesday night at RUF Large Group, I preached on Philippians 3:1-11. During the talk, I read something that I wrote. I decided to take the truth of Paul's writing in verses 1-7, and contextualize it to Georgia Southern. Caveat: this is by no means a translation or interpretation of the passage, but merely an attempt at application of it to us here in Statesboro. I'm posting it because several students have asked for it. Here you go...


      1 Listen, y’all – find your joy in the Lord. I’ve told you once, I’ll tell you again, and it’s a good reminder for us all.

      2 Beware of the jerks, the Bible thumpers, those who insist on anything in addition to Jesus to be right with God.

      3 Because we ARE right with God, and we can only worship rightly by the Holy Spirit and have glory in Jesus Christ. Everything of this world will fail you.

      4 I’m not just saying this because I didn’t get in the Christian club by fitting their human (extra-biblical) standards, rather I’m saying this because I met ALL their standards and the Lord was gracious to me. Don’t believe me? Think you look more Christian than I did? Guess again –

      5 I was baptized at an early age, grew up in the church, a 4th generation member, attended VBS and Sunday School faithfully, was a leader in my youth group; I read through the Bible in year, memorized lots of Scripture, memorized the catechism and got lots of gold stars; I went on several mission trips, I read my Bible at Starbucks and The Daily Grind so people can see that I’m a Christian, I volunteered at local places around town, I put Christian stuff up on facebook, I went to church AND Sunday school every Sunday, I was in three different Bible studies, I did several different campus ministries, and I did something “Christian” every night.

      6 I was “on fire” for Jesus; I did what was right, and people knew it. I was really, really good.”

      7 But for all the things I had, I didn’t have Jesus.